Steemit followers and how it all works

Steemit is a blockchain based social network. It has its own cryptocurrencies – Steem and Steem Backed Dollars (SBD). When you write a post or a comment other accounts can vote for your post and that will produce a reward in Steemit cryptocurrency. The total reward amount for the post depends on the total Steem power of all the Steemit followers that vote for you. That means the more accounts vote, the bigger the reward is. 

Steem is a cryptocurrency (like coins), but you can boost your account converting Steem into Steem power (power up). Because of that your account becomes more powerful and when it votes, this vote brings more rewards. Steem power can be converted back into Steem coins but the process takes a few weeks. So you will not be able to get immediate access to your Steem coins if needed.

There is another way to power up your account – if someone delegates Steem power to your account. This is what every Steemit account has by default – 15 Steem power delegated by Steemit blockchain. 15 SP is very little. But what if you had hundreds of such accounts? That means much more total Steem power.

Every post/comment with votes has a so called reward pool – the amount of Steemit cryptocurrency (Steem and SBD) that will go 50% to the author and 50% to the curators (voters). So as the author of the post/comment you will get 50% of that reward pool. But if the curators are your own accounts as well , you can earn on curation too, because in this case all re rewards will be yours.

After the payment you will receive an email with the list of purchased accounts. The strings will contain login, posting key and master password. So you can easily copy and paste them into a table and then use it for automated votes, comments, etc.

In order to get reasonable rewards you will need quite a lot of voting accounts. That means you will not be able to handle that process manually (logging in, voting, unlogging, etc). Instead, you can use Steemit voting bots (in Javascript or Node.js). Such bots can be found in the Internet. If you have questions about bots, you can write to us on our Contact page and we can help you with that.

You will need roughly 10000 Steem power that votes for you daily. That is about 700 accounts. The payment which you get in USD depends on the actual rate of Steemit cryptocurrency, this is an average number which can be more or less than this.

All the accounts that we sell have 15 Steem power delegated by Steemit blockchain. Steemit delegates this power because otherwise the accounts will be helpless, they will not be able do any kind of activity on the blockchain. When the account gets its own rewards and converts it into Steem power, Steemit decreases the amount of its delegation, so that you still have 15 SP in total. But if you don’t power up yourself, you’ll keep using this Steem power delegated by Steemit. And it can last as long as you use your accounts.

Steemit bots are pieces of code usually written in Javascript/Node.js. They can be run on websites or servers. Bots can be used to automate all your activity on Steemit such as posting, commenting, voting, etc. You can find examples of such code in the Internet and customize them to your needs.

You can use your accounts for their main purpose – posting, commenting and voting. However you should know that spam is not welcome on Steemit and there are enthusiasts looking for spam and complaining about it to the Steemit development team. If you are compromized, Steem can undelegate Steem power from your accounts. Because of that we recommend writing human-like posts and comments. And if you have a lot of accounts – split them into various streams. That guarantees that even if one of your streams is in danger, the others will be safe.

All accounts have such a parameter as voting power (measured in %). Every 10 votes will take 20% off this power. So technically you can vote quite a lot. But then you will have to wait for them to recharge its voting power back to 100%. 20% are recharged in 24 hours. So we do not recommend to vote more than 10 times/day.

No, it is impossible because this Steem power is delegated to you by Steemit blockchain so that you can do your activity on the blockchain. But this SP doesn’t belong to you. Yoe are just borrowing it for free from Steemit for an unlimited time period.